Emoji Stealer release 1.1.0

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Quick description of the emoji stealer 1.1.0 release

Two new features were added in this release:

  • prepending “http://” if the scheme was not specified (i.e. emoji_stealer example.com)
  • new -d/--directory option to specify the directory where to save the emojis. emoji_stealer will create it for you if it doesn’t exist.

    # check that priv/static/emoji/custom doesn't exist
    $ ls priv/static/emoji/custom
    ls: cannot access 'priv/static/emoji/custom': No such file or directory
    $ emoji_stealer cybre.space -d priv/static/emoji/custom
    588 / 588 [===================================================================================================================================================================] 100.00% 1m40s
    The downloaded emojis are in the priv/static/emoji/custom directory.
    # let's see if it's actually 588 emojis
    $ ls priv/static/emoji/custom -1 | wc -l
    # Yep!

You can grab the new release on the releases page or by running

go get -u -v git.dtluna.net/dtluna/emoji_stealer